Friday, January 5, 2018

Stories Behind the Story

Here's where I let it all hang out and tell you all of my secrets (well, most them anyway ;-).

Writers generally draw from their own experience in writing their stories and The Gifted is no exception. These are the real stories that inspired the stories in the books. Like The Gifted, some of the accounts are serious and some are more comical. Either way, happy reading!

In the Beginning

Free Lunch - Marshall, Lucy, and Gretchen get a free meal at God's Love Christian Church

Gretchen Falls Off the Counter

Bring Home the Sha-Shas!

The Sherbert Dance (Video!) - special thanks to my youth group students, Haven and Macey Bradam and Maria Vecchi, and to my wife, Mindy, who directed and filmed us.

Gretchen "Drives" the El-Camino

Gretchen Helps get Jenny Out of Bed

The Cat Pees on Marshall's Pillow

Gretchen Plays Tornado

Gretchen Sees Her Guardian Angel

Gretchen Runs Jenny Over with the Lawnmower

Peggy Gets Fired

Shawn "Shadowstar" Dybek

Pastor Frank's Sermon the Night Bethany Gave Her Life to Christ

Boy Meets Girl, Danny's Born Without a Butthole

Danny Afraid of Going Down the Drain

Melody Doesn't Like Hot Dogs

Melody Puking Alphabet Soup

Danny Falls Off the Bridge

The Sheriff's Badge

Jim Peeing in the Toy Box

Eric at the Zoo

Number One Champ

Danny and Eric's Adventure in the Woods

Ling Peeing Under the Table

Gretchen Choking on Machine Gun's Fingers

Ling Afraid of Viola's Goblins

Ling Crying at Jenny's Blood Test

"I Put it in My Pocket"

Ling Almost Kidnapped: the Lost Dog Trick

Ling and the Dog Abuser

Susan and the Fire on the Stove

Susan "Starts" a Food Fight

Tasty Creme Danny

Roxy's Vet Bills


Coming of Age

God's Love Youth Group


The Prevention Team

Jim and Darcey

Gretchen Tries to Pray in Church

Danny Hides His Underwear in the Toilet

Danny and Tonya's Vaccination Prank

Danny and Tonya at the Mall

Danny and Tonya Steal the Security Guard's Scooter

Gretchen's First Time Preaching

Melody Keeps Danny from Going Out

Gretchen Sees a Little Boy in the Corn Field

Danny Steals from Melody and Eric

Danny Almost Drowning

Heavens and Earth

The Potpourri Battle

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