Friday, January 20, 2012

The Potpourri Battle

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When I was seventeen, my friend, Jesse Mistak, came over to my house after school. My house was kind of the hang out place for my friends since my dad was usually at work and I was in charge of my younger siblings. In other words, there weren’t as many rules at my house.
Anyway, I don’t remember all the details, but I know Jess had had a particularly bad day. Some kid had accidentally spit on him, but then laughed about it. And then, in woodshop, another kid wrote the crude name of a band across one of his book covers and told him he'd beat him up if he tried to erase it. The kid did it just because Jesse had the names and logos of Christian bands on his book cover.
So after hearing about his day and seeing how bummed out he was, I decided to do the unexpected. I went to the hall cabinet and pulled out a can of aerosol air freshener. Then I came back and started spraying him with it.
He didn’t know what to think. He tried attacking me, told me to stop, but then I told him where to get one of his own and it was on. We ran all around the house, slamming into dressers, knocking stuff over. At one point, I think we were both sporting dual aerosol cans like double-fisting bosses. And of course my dog was chasing us and barking.
Finally, he tackled me in the living room and started punching me in the ribs. It kind of hurt, but not very much, so I just kept letting him do it. By the time it started to really hurt, he was done, totally exhausted.
We were both soaked with potpourri and laughing. I asked him if he had been trying to hurt me with his punches and he admitted he wasn’t sure. Either way, he said the battle made him feel a lot better. It gave him a chance to release his frustrations, which is exactly what Tonya was doing for Danny.
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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