Saturday, December 10, 2011

Number One Champ

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This is another story told in the book almost the exact same way as it happened in real life. I was four years old, wore Superman pajamas constantly (I think Batman and just about everyone else are way cooler now), and had a bit of a mean streak. My mom, dad, and I lived in a rented duplex in downtown Canton.
I had noticed an older man, prone to drink, who liked to stumble by our house every day at about the same time. Knowing that there was something not quite right about the guy, I decided to take him down the like the superhero I was. I went out to the curb and hid under my dad’s black van, waiting for the man to come by. When he passed the van on his daily stagger down our street, I jumped out, grabbed his leg and bit down.
My parents noticed I was under the van, but didn’t know why. When they me attacking the poor drunk, they ran down to the road and tore me loose, probably fearing for me more than the old man. As they ripped me away, I yelled, “I’m the Number One Champ!” to which my dad replied, “No, I’m the Number One Champ; you’re the Number Two Champ.” He then apologized to the man and sent him away. I don’t think any money was involved.
I’d like to say that was the last time I ever bit anybody, but I was a biter all the way into kindergarten. Hmm…maybe I should I have written a book about vampires instead…Naw!
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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