Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"I Put it in My Pocket"

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I think I was five when this one happened. My parents used to play in a volleyball league at the local YMCA and I would take my little Matchbox cars or G. I. Joes to play with and sit on the bleachers while they had their matches. One time, though, I found myself experiencing a real need.
Now, I knew I wasn’t supposed to pick my nose. I was supposed to blow into a tissue. But there were no tissues around that I could see and I really felt like this boogie needed to come out. So I picked it. And that’s when the real problem presented itself. I wasn’t supposed to wipe it on the wall or the bleachers or anything – I had gotten in trouble before for snot-smearing – but I still didn’t have a tissue!
So I figured that surely this was an acceptable reason to interrupt my parents’ match. From the sidelines, I yelled, “Mom, I need a Kleenex! Mom, I need a Kleenex!” I knew she always had some in her purse, but her purse was hidden in a locker somewhere. She held up a finger and told me to wait.
Well, I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to keep playing. But I had to get rid of the boogie before I did so or else I risked getting snot goo all over my toys. So I came up with a fairly reasonable solution, I thought.
When my parents finished their match and my came over with the Kleenex, I waved it away, saying, “It’s okay; I put it in my pocket.”
Boy, was she embarrassed, but her teammates sure thought it was hilarious.
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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