Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gretchen Tries to Pray in Church

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In the book, Gretchen begins to feel a call toward ministry and submits a sermon to Pastor Frank to look at before Sunday School. At the end of the worship service, Pastor Frank motions for her to pray to close the service, but then when she sees Scott, the youth pastor, getting up behind her, she feels embarrassed and thinks Frank was motioning to Scott the whole time. He wasn’t. Pastor Frank really was inviting Gretchen to pray and it was Scott who had misinterpreted the signal. Frank then compliments Gretchen on her sermon and invites her to preach sometime after a little coaching.
This is similar, but pretty much exact opposite of my experience. As a fourteen or fifteen-year-old, I wrote a three-page manuscript and laid out on my senior pastor’s desk, expecting some sort of critique or pat on the back or something. Later that day, when he motioned for someone to pray, I thought he was motioning to me so I got up out of my seat and walked forward to the front pew, where he was standing as the last song played.
He was not, however, motioning to me, as I soon realized when my youth pastor touched my shoulder. I remembered he had been sitting right behind me. I couldn’t do anything but stand there, next to the pastor, as I waited for the youth pastor to pray and close the service so that I could get out of there.
The pastor never mentioned the incident or the sermon I had given him. I guess it wasn’t very good and he didn’t know how to tell me so. Hopefully, my sermons have gotten a little better since then.
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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