Thursday, December 22, 2011

Danny Stealing from Melody and Eric

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As I said in a previous Stories Behind the Story, my brother, Landon, had a serious drug problem when I was in high school. Like Danny in the story, he would steal money from me, or take my CDs and sell them at the pawn shop to get money for drugs.
One time, I went into the pawn shop and saw all of my CDs sitting there. I had Christian rock CDs mostly, so my collection was relatively unique. I knew these couldn’t belong to someone else. So I bought them back and at least knew where my brother was taking my stuff.
I had a lock put on my door after that, but he apparently picked it, because a little while later, I came home from school and found all my CDs missing again. I didn’t know how long ago he had taken them, but I thought there might be a chance I could stop him.
I called the pawn shop and told the clerk the situation. I told him to be on the lookout for my for my brother, giving him my brother’s description and listing some specific CDs that he would have on him. Not wanting to get in trouble for buying stolen merchandise, the clerk said he would call me if someone matching that description came in.
I made a few more calls and put all of the pawn shops and used CD stores on notice. A few minutes later, the first clerk I talked to called back. “He was here,” he said. “I refused to buy from him and he left.”
I still never saw those CDs again, but at least I stopped the easy sale. Too bad the clerk didn’t stall until I got there like the clerk did with Danny and Tonya.
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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