Thursday, December 22, 2011

Danny and Tonya at the Mall

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When I was in seventh grade, I started hanging out with this stoner named Donnie. I never did drugs growing up (or afterward), but I always seemed to like those kids best and I dressed pretty much the way they did. I guess it was because I liked rock music and a non-academic disposition (which means I didn’t like or care about school).
Anyway, this Donnie guy was hilarious and for some reason, he thought I was pretty funny too. I remember we would sit in the school library and just say stupid stuff or make up fake insults, like “Take a bath,” or “Smell my cat.” Yeah, stupid stuff.
The librarian, by the way, was Ms. Bogue. That’s why the black kid in this scene is named Donnie Bogue. Donnie for my friend, Bogue for the school librarian where we hung out.
The real black kid was named Dante something. I think he was a grade or two above us. I only met him when Donnie and I went to hang out at the mall one night. We were going to see the Pauly Shore movie, Biodome, which makes sense, right? Because Donnie was a stoner.
But before the movie started, we were hanging out in the arcade (hence the arcade scene in the book). All of a sudden, this black kid comes up to us and starts talking like he’s going to beat us up. I had no idea why. Then he started saying things like, “You wanna call me a nigger again?”
Donnie didn’t answer, but made for the exit. I followed, but luckily, Dante didn’t. It was almost time for our movie so we ducked into the theater. I asked him what Dante had been talking about and Donnie admitted he had called Dante a nigger on the bus, going home from school earlier that week.
After the movie, we were waiting for my dad to pick us up when Dante and two high school students came walking up to us. They started talking about how they were gonna cut us. I just kept staring out the glass doors, hoping my dad would hurry up and get there. Finally, though, I had had about enough of them. I whirled around, intending to say something like, “Why don’t you just leave us alone?” or something equally as terrifying, but the words caught in my mouth.
“What, you wanna say something now?” Dante asked, laughing.
Defeated, I turned back around…and spotted my dad’s van! “C’mon!” I exclaimed to Donnie and pulled him out the door.
Looking back on it, I don’t think those guys were going to hurt us. They would have if they were going to. And I never saw a knife, although they all said they had them. I think they were just trying to scare Donnie for what he had said. Nevertheless, that was the last time I hung out with Donnie.
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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