Saturday, December 10, 2011

Danny and Eric's Adventure in the Woods

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When Richie and Pamela die in the story, Danny and Eric decide to skip out on the funeral reception and follow Eric’s dog, Roxy, on a trek through the woods instead.
This is what my cousin, Brandon, and I did when my mom was sick. I was eight and we were at my house.  My grandma and his mom were babysitting me and my two brothers while my dad stayed with my mom in the hospital. It was a nice summer day and we were looking for something to do. We both had an ornery side and when we were together, we really brought that out in each other.
We were outside and we noticed my dog, Boots, coming up out of the woods behind our house. We didn’t keep her in a cage or on a leash, even though we were supposed to. We wondered where she had been and got the idea to find out.
Grabbing her walking leash, I attached it and let her lead us wherever she wanted to go, being careful to guide her back down to the woods first.
A few hours later, my cousin and I were getting a little worried about being lost and decided to take the reigns back from Boots. We walked in one direction until we saw a building beyond the line of trees. It was my elementary school. I knew it was just down the road from my house and thought it should be no problem for me to lead us home from there.
The problem was that when we reached the road, I apparently didn’t know which direction my house was. I knew it was down the road from the school, but which way? Both sides looked familiar because I had travelled this road so many times. I took a guess and turned left.
When we reached the rail-road tracks, I realized I was wrong and we started to double back. When we had reached the school again, I saw a familiar truck coming up the road behind us. It was a yellow pick-up that belonged to Tony Mistak, father of my two best friends, Andy and Jesse.
Knowing that we had been gone too long not to get in trouble, I advised my cousin to jump into the ditch in the hopes of avoiding detection.
Unfortunately, Tony had already seen us, and his wife, Cindy, was with him. “Stephen Wilson,” she yelled. “You come here right this instant.” Cindy was my mom’s best friend and I knew the jig was up. We crawled out of the ditch and were instructed to load ourselves into the bed of the truck. They informed us that the neighborhood search party had been called out.
When they dropped us off at home, I knew were in serious trouble. My grandma had gone down to the woods, looking for us, and had been stung by bees. She’s allergic to bee stings and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.
I was awoken that night with a spanking when my dad came home. I found out later that my cousin hadn’t gotten into any trouble, claiming that it had all been my idea!
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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