Thursday, December 22, 2011

Danny Almost Drowning

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My family went on vacation every year to Myrtle Beach. When I was a freshman in high school, we went in August. Unfortunately, I had broken my leg earlier that summer and was freshly out of my cast, so I was still using crutches while I waited for my leg to get back up to strength.
My brother, Cody, and I were swimming and I noticed he was going out too far. I called to him, but he couldn’t make it back. He was caught in the current. So I swam out to help him. I thought that since I was older and stronger, I’d be able to get out of the current when he couldn’t.
I made it to him and grabbed him under the arms, tossing him a few feet toward shore. I did this a couple of times, but we kept going further out. My leg really wasn’t strong enough to fight against the current. So we were both stuck.
Until some man came out and grabbed us both. He threw my brother, like I had been doing, and then threw me too. He was able to get us far enough that we were able to swim again, and then he swam back too, never saying a word to us the whole time.
(Hint: If you’re stuck, don’t swim directly against the current. Swim slightly sideways.)
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series

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