Friday, November 11, 2011

Shawn “Shadowstar” Dybek

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Shawn’s frustration and decision to quit the pastorate and take up the mantle of an avenging Christian ninja represents a common problem in Christianity. I call it the Law without Grace syndrome and it is especially common in new Christians. I know it was for me when I started really walking with the Lord.
I was about twelve years old when I felt God calling me to really get serious with Him. It was a great time. I had gone to a youth retreat, where my youth pastor had shared just how serious God was about me. He had created me, He had died for me, He wanted a relationship with me. It was all so flattering to think that the God of the universe had done all that for me and that I was the object of His affection. How could I not give myself to Him?
So I started really studying Scripture (yes, even as young as I was), going to church as often as I could and actually paying attention, listening to Christian music instead of secular, and generally trying to live the Christian life.
The problem was that since the death of my mother, no one else in my family was a Christian, and it made me angry. I was doing the right thing, I had discovered the truth, I wasn’t smoking or drinking or cursing or thinking that abortion was okay. So why were they? Why couldn’t they wake up and see the truth that I had?
And so I would try to witness to them, but often the conversation would become a debate and then devolve into an argument. My dad often told me that I was being judgmental.
It took me a long time to understand how to let God work on people’s hearts before I tried to thump them with the truth, and that’s what Shawn “Shadowstar” Dybek is dealing with in this book. He believes all the right things, he wants people to change, but he’s sick of waiting for them to change on their own, so he’s decided to force them to do the right things.
Of course, Christians have tried that tactic before (converting natives forcefully, the Crusades) and it never worked very well.
Fortunately, Shawn learns and so can we. Like with Shawn, however, it may be a problem we continue to have to keep an eye on. If you find yourself getting mad at someone because of their beliefs or actions, just take a deep breath and remember to show them the love of God, rather than the wrath of God (because you know, God told us to show the one, but doesn’t need our help on the other.)
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series!

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