Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cat Pees on Marshall's Pillow

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When I was in college at Mount Vernon Nazarene, my girlfriend (later wife), Mindy, found a stray cat outside her dorm. It was the weekend and the Humane Society wasn’t open so, being the caring and compassionate woman that she is, she wanted to help take care of this cat until the new workweek started. She called me and, completely against campus rules, I put the cat in my apartment bedroom for safe-keeping while we went to buy some cat food. On our way to the store, my apartment-mate called me and demanded that I get the cat out. “It peed in your room and it stinks all the way upstairs,” he said. “You’ve gotta do something about this now.” So, frustrated at my friend for his refusal to wait until I was finished running my errand, I drove back to campus and inspected the mess the cat had made. Not only had he peed in my room, but he had peed on the cushiest spot he could find – my pillow. The cat, I’m sorry to say, spent the rest of the weekend outside and my pillow spent the rest of its weekend in the dumpster.
Read or purchase the series at The Gifted Book Series!

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